Trial - X-Files Components
Trial - X-Files Components 8.1
by X-Files Software in Trial for RAD Studio

X-Files Components package contains a full set of our advanced visual components designed for Embarcadero RAD Studio developers.

14 Nov 2023
Shareware license

Trial - ShellBrowser
Trial - ShellBrowser 12.1
by JAM Software in Components for Delphi

ShellBrowser is a component package for Delphi and C++ Builder. It includes visual and non-visual shell related components. The visual components include all parts of the Windows Explorer (navigation Tree, file list, address bar, a complete ExplorerBrowser window, file preview). Non-visual components provide easy access to shell functionality such as context menus and commands, thumbnails and drag-and-drop functionality.

10 Nov 2023
Demo of commercial software

Trial - EhLib
Trial - EhLib 11.0
by EhLib Team in Trial for Delphi

EhLib is a Delphi and C++Builder library of visual and non-visual components. Most advanced component is DBGridEh, component to operate tabular data in DataSet. Library includes more than 30 components in total.

7 Apr 2023

TComPortDrv 3.1
by Team TComPortDrv in Libraries for RAD Studio

Non-visual serial I/O component.

5 Mar 2023
Apache 2.0

Delphi LightSaber
Delphi LightSaber 5.0
by Gabriel Moraru in Libraries for Delphi

Utilities - Lightweight alternative to Jedi library. The library is split into 7 sub-libraries: Core, VisualLog, Common, Internet, Graphics, Proteus, Visual controls.

20 Jan 2023
Non-restrictive license

Trial - TMS FNC Core
Trial - TMS FNC Core
by bvba in Trial for RAD Studio

Universal core layer for creating rich visual and non-visual Delphi & C++ Builder components for VCL, FMX, LCL and WEB core apps.

28 Sep 2022

TFrameStand 1.8
by Andrea Magni in Components for Delphi

TFrameStand is a component to ease use of FMX frames in your application. Take advantage of TFrameStand functionalities to build stunning visual transitions and improve the visual continuity of your UI. Supported on platforms: Win32, Win64, Android, OS X.

25 Mar 2022
Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1)

JEDI Code Library
JEDI Code Library 2022.02
by Project JEDI in Libraries for RAD Studio

The JEDI Code Library (JCL) consists of a set of thoroughly tested and fully documented utility functions and non-visual classes which can be instantly reused in your Delphi and C++ Builder projects.

18 Feb 2022
Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1)

JEDI Visual Component Library
JEDI Visual Component Library 2022.02
by Project JEDI in Components for RAD Studio

JVCL is a library of over 600 Delphi visual and non-visual Delphi/C++Builder components.

18 Feb 2022
Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1)

Trial - TMS Scripter
Trial - TMS Scripter
by bvba in Trial for RAD Studio

Add the ultimate flexibility and power into your apps with native Pascal or Basic scripting and full IDE with visual form designer, object inspector, and more.

18 Aug 2021