What is GetIt?

The GetIt Package Manager is a package manager that allows you to browse, download, purchase, and install packages into RAD Studio. Packages may provide libraries, components, IDE extensions, and SDKs.

The goal of GetIt is to help customer discover valuable libraries that add value to the core development platform. The goal of GetIt also and equally meant to help simplify the migration from one version of RAD Studio to the next, making sure those libraries are available upon release so that an existing project can be easily migrated after a rapid download of the required libraries. It is because of the high importance smooth version to version migrations that the most relevant rules for anyone submitting a library to GetIt is to make sure their submission works smoothly with a coming release (and we are open to invite library maintainers to the product beta testing). Specifically, our goal is to have all libraries updated (which means working, not necessarily leveraging new features) within 30 days a new version of RAD Studio is released. If a submission is not maintained current, we may consider removing an outdated or unsupported library from the catalog.

Overall, we are seeking good quality libraries and components that are focused on adding value to current supported versions of Delphi and C++Builder (they may also support older versions or other Pascal dialects or C++ compilers alongside). Libraries with the best chance of acceptance should offer their “best experience and best support” for RAD Studio, focusing primarily on Delphi and/or C++Builder. If a submission requires a different product or toolset for its use or "best experience" it is less likely to be accepted. We are seeking a ""trusted partnership" (even if not a formal one) as part of the submission process, and this requires mutual respect and trust.