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Sempare Template Engine for Delphi
Sempare Template Engine for Delphi 1.4.1
by Sempare Limited in Libraries for Delphi

Sempare Template Engine for Delphi allows for flexible text manipulation. It can be used for generating email, html, source code, xml, configuration, etc.

19 Feb 2021
GPL v3.0 or Sempare Commercial

DEC - Delphi Encryption Compendium Lite
DEC - Delphi Encryption Compendium Lite 6.1
by TeamDEC in Libraries for RAD Studio

Cryptography library containing hash algorithms, a cryptographic pseudo random number generator and CRC and format conversion classes along with demo projects and extensive documentation.

15 Feb 2021
Apache 2.0

Trial - The Delphi Parser - Code Analysis Wizard
Trial - The Delphi Parser - Code Analysis Wizard 2.4
by The Delphi Parser in Trial for Delphi

Analyse your Delphi code base and get a deep Insight of your code usage and library dependencies. The Delphi Parser analyser is an automatic code analysing wizard. It scans and analyse an entire code base against all available Delphi’s system units, 3rd party components, libraries and the code base own units.

10 Feb 2021
Free Trial

WebMocks 3.0
by Appercept Ltd. in Libraries for Delphi

Library for stubbing and setting expectations on HTTP requests in Delphi with DUnitX.

9 Feb 2021
Apache License 2.0

Trial - TRichView
Trial - TRichView 19.1.2
by Sergey Tkachenko in Trial for Delphi

Advanced rich text editor VCL, including add-ons for user interface, WYSIWYG editing, and reporting.

4 Feb 2021

Trial - Deleaker
Trial - Deleaker 2021.3
by Softanics in Trial for RAD Studio

An extension to find memory leaks, GDI and handles leaks.

3 Feb 2021

Trial - combit List & Label
Trial - combit List & Label 26.001
by combit in Trial for RAD Studio

List & Label is the reporting tool of choice for thousands of software developer teams all over the world. Extend your application quickly and easily with powerful reporting functionalities and a wide range of reports! You pass on the report designer (Win/Web) with your application free of charge.

2 Feb 2021

TwineCompile 5.2.2
by JomiTech in IDE Plugins for RAD Studio

Cut C++ compile times by up to 50x!

29 Jan 2021
License: Free with active Update Subscription

Trial - nrComm Lib
Trial - nrComm Lib 9.59
by Deepsoftware llc in Libraries for RAD Studio

nrComm Lib provides tools for performing the serial communications tasks and device access. It has ready solutions for: serial rs232 lpt ports, usb, bluetooth, hid, modbus, gsm, sms and others.

29 Jan 2021

Brook Framework
Brook Framework 5.4.1
by Risoflora in Components for Delphi

Microframework which helps to develop web Pascal applications.

28 Jan 2021
LGPL v2.1