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Abbrevia 10.6
by TurboPack in Components for Delphi

Abbrevia is a compression toolkit for Delphi, C++Builder, Kylix and Free Pascal.Supported on platforms: Windows, Android, OS X, iOS.

1 Dec 2020

Delphi Event Bus
Delphi Event Bus 2.0
by Delphi Event Bus in Libraries for Delphi

Delphi Event Bus (for short DEB) is an Event Bus framework for the Delphi platform implementing the publish/subscribe pattern. DEB is designed to decouple different parts/layers of your application while still allowing them to communicate efficiently.

30 Nov 2020
Apache License 2.0

DelphiMessageBus 1.1
by THSoft Tomasz Hutnik in Libraries for Delphi

Message Bus Pattern for Delphi. Send (publish) Message of any type in one place and receive it (subscribe) in many places.

24 Nov 2020
Apache License, Version 2.0

Trial - Dew Lab Studio FMX
Trial - Dew Lab Studio FMX 2020
by Dew Research in Libraries for RAD Studio

Math, Statistics, Digital Signal Processing and Data Miner routines and components.

20 Nov 2020

SDL Component Suite. Light Edition
SDL Component Suite. Light Edition 10.7
by Epina GmbH in Components for RAD Studio

The SDL Component Suite is an industry leading collection of components supporting scientific and engineering computing. The entire suite consists of about 50 units covering a wide range of requirements in science and engineering. The component suite is available both for Delphi and for C++Builder.

17 Nov 2020

BatSoft Library
BatSoft Library 4.0
by BatSoft in Libraries for Delphi

BatSoft Library contains patterns such as mementos, observers, settings streaming and a simple yet extremely versatile and efficient list control... and few other handy things.

12 Nov 2020

QuickLogger 1.44
by Exilon Soft in Libraries for Delphi

QuickLogger is a Delphi/Firemonkey (Windows/Linux/OSX/IOS/Android) library for logging on files, console, memory, email, rest, eventlog, syslog, slack, telegram, redis, logstash, elasticsearch, influxdb, graylog, ide debug messages and throw events.

11 Nov 2020
Apache 2.0

QuickLib 2.1
by Exilon Soft in Libraries for Delphi

QuickLib expands language functionality with lots of improved and quick to implement functions like AutoMapper, MemoryCache, IOC Dependency Injection, Scheduled and Background tasks with retry and fail control, Json/Yaml/Registry config, Serializers, Benchmarking and more. Delphi/Firemonkey (Windows/Linux/iOS/OSX/Android)

11 Nov 2020
Apache 2.0

RAD Server Installer for Windows
RAD Server Installer for Windows 1.0
by Embarcadero Technologies in Sample Projects for Delphi

Ready to use installers to deploy RAD Studio on Windows servers.

28 Oct 2020
Embarcadero Software License

Trial - ReportBuilder
Trial - ReportBuilder 20.04
by Digital Metaphors Corporation in Trial for RAD Studio

ReportBuilder is the premier reporting tool for Delphi. Whether you need to create simple reports quickly or deliver the most advanced reporting solutions, ReportBuilder is the tool of choice among Delphi developers.

22 Oct 2020
Commercial Trial