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ErrorSoft VCL Components
ErrorSoft VCL Components 4.0.1
by ErrorSoft in Components for Delphi

FreeEsVclComponents - a free library of VCL components for Delphi and C++Builder. There are new controls and components, classes to improve the appearance and to better user experience. Components has best transparency support, do not flicker. Components has support possibility a double buffering for TGraphicControl heirs. Also components support visual styles and has modern look and feel.

24 Jun 2021
GNU GPL v2 and Modified MIT License (MIT)

Bookmarks 1.6.2
by Embarcadero Technologies in IDE Plugins for RAD Studio

Navigate your code! Bookmarks replaces the IDE’s inbuilt functionality with new, improved navigation. Place a marker with Ctrl+B – a number will be automatically assigned. Jump between bookmarks by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Left or Right Arrow. Never overwrite an existing bookmark accidentally. Elegant visual cues when you create, delete, or access a bookmark as well as succinct information about where in a unit the bookmark is. This plugin used to be Parnassus Bookmarks.

10 Sep 2020
Embarcadero Software License