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Trial - combit List & Label
Trial - combit List & Label 26.000
by combit in Trial for RAD Studio

List && Label is the reporting tool of choice for thousands of software developer teams all over the world. Extend your application quickly and easily with powerful reporting functionalities and a wide range of reports! You pass on the report designer (Win/Web) with your application free of charge.

26 Oct 2020

Trial - ReportBuilder
Trial - ReportBuilder 20.04
by Digital Metaphors Corporation in Trial for RAD Studio

ReportBuilder is the premier reporting tool for Delphi. Whether you need to create simple reports quickly or deliver the most advanced reporting solutions, ReportBuilder is the tool of choice among Delphi developers.

22 Oct 2020
Commercial Trial

Trial - ImageEn
Trial - ImageEn 9.2.0
by Xequte Software in Trial for RAD Studio

ImageEn is the most powerful native image library available for Delphi and C++ Builder, and also available for .NET. The library includes a complete suite of components to handle all aspects of image and editing, analysis and display. Join thousands of other developers who rely on ImageEn to add professional multimedia functionality to their software.

29 Sep 2020

Trial - Deleaker
Trial - Deleaker 2020.22
by Softanics in Trial for RAD Studio

An extension to find memory leaks, GDI and handles leaks.

21 Sep 2020

Trial - X-DBGrid Component
Trial - X-DBGrid Component 7.4
by X-Files Software in Trial for RAD Studio

X-DBGrid Component package contains a set of fundamental components designed for database developers.

9 Sep 2020
Shareware license

Trial - X-Files Components
Trial - X-Files Components 7.4
by X-Files Software in Trial for RAD Studio

X-Files Components package contains a full set of our advanced visual components designed for Embarcadero RAD Studio developers.

9 Sep 2020
Shareware license

Trial - X-DBData Components
Trial - X-DBData Components 2.4
by X-Files Software in Trial for RAD Studio

X-DBData Components package was designed to can directly use any indexed data structures with db-aware data components, especially with our TXDBGrid component.

9 Sep 2020
Shareware license

Trial - OptiVec for RAD Studio
Trial - OptiVec for RAD Studio 8.0.1
by OptiCode in Trial for Delphi

OptiVec is a high-performance vector and matrix library for Delphi and C++Builder, covering math, statistics, signal processing, curve fitting, linear systems, vector and matrix algebra, graphics...

3 Sep 2020

Trial - TRichView
Trial - TRichView 18.6
by Sergey Tkachenko in Trial for Delphi

Advanced rich text editor VCL, including add-ons for user interface, WYSIWYG editing, and reporting.

3 Aug 2020

Trial - Arpy Web Application
Trial - Arpy Web Application 0.5
by Galkam PTY LTD in Trial for Delphi

Glen Kleidon's Arpy Web Application Framework for building Node/Express like web applications in Delphi.

1 Jul 2020
Time limited Trial