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OpenAI for Delphi
OpenAI for Delphi 0.11.1
by HGM in Libraries for Delphi

The library provides access to the API of the OpenAI service, on the basis of which ChatGPT works and, for example, the generation of images from text using DALL-E.

5 Mar 2023

Trial - TMS Business Tools
Trial - TMS Business Tools Jan 2023
by bvba in Trial for RAD Studio

Add business intelligence to applications and application development. The package includes: TMS Aurelius, TMS Data Modeler, TMS Echo, TMS Logging, TMS RemoteDB, TMS Scripter, TMS Sparkle, TMS Sphinx, TMS XData.

24 Jan 2023

Delphi LightSaber
Delphi LightSaber 5.0
by Gabriel Moraru in Libraries for Delphi

Utilities - Lightweight alternative to Jedi library. The library is split into 7 sub-libraries: Core, VisualLog, Common, Internet, Graphics, Proteus, Visual controls.

20 Jan 2023
Non-restrictive license

Delphi Code Coverage Wizard Plus
Delphi Code Coverage Wizard Plus 2.0
by Team Delphi Code Coverage in Libraries for Delphi

A graphical wizard to generate everything needed to run code coverage analysis of your DUnit/DUnitX unit tests (means: check if those execute all of your code lines). It includes the tool to run the coverage analysis.

23 Dec 2022
MPL 1.1

BrasilAPI4D 1.0.0
by Gabriel Baltazar in Trial for RAD Studio

Esse é um componente que consome de forma bem simples os endpoints da BrasilAPI.

22 Nov 2022

Trial - IPWorks MQ 2022 Delphi Edition
Trial - IPWorks MQ 2022 Delphi Edition 22.0.8319
by /n software inc. in Libraries for Delphi

IPWorks MQ provides complete yet lightweight implementations of popular message queuing protocols.

25 Oct 2022

Trial - Video Edit SDK
Trial - Video Edit SDK 10
by VisioForge in Trial for Delphi

Using Video Edit SDK you can edit and convert video files, add video and audio effects, add transitions. Supported formats: MP4, AVI, WMV and many others.

18 Oct 2022

Trial - Video Capture SDK
Trial - Video Capture SDK 10
by VisioForge in Trial for Delphi

Video Capture SDK can be used to preview/capture video from webcam, IP cameras or screen to MP4, WMV, AVI and other formats. Video and audio effects are available.

18 Oct 2022

Trial - Media Player SDK
Trial - Media Player SDK 10
by VisioForge in Trial for Delphi

SDK for video/audio files and streams playback, with video and audio effects.

18 Oct 2022

Trial - nrComm Lib
Trial - nrComm Lib 9.64
by Deepsoftware llc in Libraries for RAD Studio

nrComm Lib provides tools for performing the serial communications tasks and device access. It has ready solutions for: serial rs232 lpt ports, usb, bluetooth, hid, modbus, gsm, sms and others.

17 Oct 2022