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VCL Style - Calypso
VCL Style - Calypso 1.0
by Embarcadero Technologies in Styles for Delphi

VCL Windows Style - Calypso. Includes 4 variants: with light and dark editors + green and blue UI elements. Updated for HighDPI.

31 Aug 2020
Embarcadero Software License

RAD Server Installer for Linux
RAD Server Installer for Linux 1.0
by Embarcadero Technologies in Sample Projects for Delphi

Ready to use installers to deploy RAD Studio on Linux servers.

31 Aug 2020
Embarcadero Software License

DOSCommand 1.5
by TurboPack in Components for Delphi

TurboPack DOSCommand component let you execute a dos program (exe, com or batch file) and catch the ouput in order to put it in a memo or in a listbox, ... You can also send inputs. The cool thing of this component is that you do not need to wait the end of the program to get back the output. it comes line by line. This is a source-only release of TurboPack DOSCommand. It includes designtime and runtime packages for Delphi and C++Builder. It supports Win32 and Win64.

19 Aug 2020
Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1)

InterBase 2020 ToGo
InterBase 2020 ToGo 2020
by Embarcadero Technologies in Tools for RAD Studio

Libraries for deeply embedding the award winning SQL database InterBase ToGo into your Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android applications.

12 Jul 2020

Trial - Arpy Web Application
Trial - Arpy Web Application 0.5
by Galkam PTY LTD in Trial for Delphi

Glen Kleidon's Arpy Web Application Framework for building Node/Express like web applications in Delphi.

1 Jul 2020
Time limited Trial

Trial - InfoPower 4K Sydney
Trial - InfoPower 4K Sydney
by Woll2Woll in Trial for RAD Studio

InfoPower includes a host of sophisticated and powerful components including its masterpiece grid.

26 Jun 2020
Time limited Trial

Trial - FirePower X
Trial - FirePower X
by Woll2Woll in Trial for RAD Studio

FirePower comes with the most critical components for building professional desktop and mobile user interfaces with RAD Studio's FireMonkey (FMX) library.

26 Jun 2020
Time limited Trial

Trial - InstallAware
Trial - InstallAware X12
by InstallAware Software in Trial for RAD Studio

First and only installer with full-stack ARM64 support, including triple-hybrid installers with X86, AMD64-EM64T, and ARM64 targeting from a single setup package. Also first installer with Next-Generation MSIX Package Builder.

22 Jun 2020
InstallAware Software License

Trial - TMS PassKit
Trial - TMS PassKit
by bvba in Trial for RAD Studio

Generate PassKit discount coupons, event tickets, store cards, travel tickets for iOS PassKit wallet from Delphi or C++Builder.

18 Jun 2020

Navigator 1.6.1
by Embarcadero Technologies in IDE Plugins for RAD Studio

Your code at your fingertips. Ever wanted to jump to the uses clause, to a class’s constructor, to a property definition? Navigator lets you move between any section of code quickly, easily, and without your fingers leaving the keyboard. There’s also a minimap – a miniature version of your code, showing the structure and letting you scroll just like a scrollbar. This plugin used to be Parnassus Navigator.

17 Jun 2020
Embarcadero Software License