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Trial - QuickBooks Integrator 2020 Delphi Edition
Trial - QuickBooks Integrator 2020 Delphi Edition 20.0.7447
by /n software inc. in Libraries for Delphi

A suite of Internet-enabled components for QuickBooks (QBXML) Integration. Easy-to-use components for accessing QuickBooks and automating accounting tasks.

3 Jun 2020

Trial - OptiVec for RAD Studio
Trial - OptiVec for RAD Studio 8.0.1
by OptiCode in Trial for C++Builder

OptiVec is a high-performance vector and matrix library for Delphi and C++Builder, covering math, statistics, signal processing, curve fitting, linear systems, vector and matrix algebra, graphics...

1 Jun 2020

TFrameStand 1.6
by Andrea Magni in Components for Delphi

TFrameStand is a component to ease use of FMX frames in your application. Take advantage of TFrameStand functionalities to build stunning visual transitions and improve the visual continuity of your UI. Supported on platforms: Win32, Win64, Android, OS X.

1 Jun 2020
Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1)

Fast Report VCL
Fast Report VCL 6.7
by Embarcadero Technologies in Components for RAD Studio

Report generator FastReport VCL is a modern solution for integrating Business Intelligence in your software. It has been created for developers who want to use ready-made components for reporting. FastReport VCL, with its simplicity of use, convenience and small distribution size is able to provide high functionality and performance on almost any modern PC.

29 May 2020

Order Entry App Template
Order Entry App Template 1.0
by Embarcadero Technologies in Sample Projects for Delphi

Order entry application template for busy small business owners. This project is to build general template for the regular structure of order entry application.

28 May 2020
Embarcadero Software License

FB4D: Open-Source Cross-Platform Library for Firebase
FB4D: Open-Source Cross-Platform Library for Firebase 1.1
by FB4D in Libraries for RAD Studio

The Google Firebase Cloud Database is used in many mobile and web applications worldwide and there are well-documented libraries for many languages and platforms. For Delphi, the cross-platform library FB4D supports the Firebase Realtime Database, the Firestore Database, the Firebase Storage (for file storage), and Firebase Functions (for calling server functions). For authentication, FB4D currently supports email/password authentication and anonymous login. The library builds on the Firebase REST-API and provides all functionality with synchronous and asynchronous methods for the usage within GUI application, services, and background threads. Both frameworks VCL and Firemonkey are supported. The library is a pure source code library and relies on class interfaces.

28 May 2020
Apache License 2.0

Android Kiosk Mode Template
Android Kiosk Mode Template 1.0
by Embarcadero Technologies in Sample Projects for Delphi

FMX Template showing the new Android Kiosk Mode introduced in Android 6.0 with Embarcadero Delphi.

27 May 2020
Embarcadero Software License

NemaTode 1.0
by ckgt in C++ Libraries for C++Builder

Cross platform C++ 11 NMEA Parser and GPS Framework. NemaTode is yet another lightweight generic NMEA parser. It also comes with a GPS data interface to handle the most popular GPS NMEA sentences.

27 May 2020
ZLib license

Eigen 3.0
by Tuxfamily in C++ Libraries for C++Builder

C++ template library for linear algebra: matrices, vectors, numerical solvers, and related algorithms.

27 May 2020
Mozilla Public License

Boost 1.39 for the Win32 Classic Toolchain
by Embarcadero Technologies in C++ Libraries for C++Builder

The Boost libraries are a set of C++ libraries that significantly expand the language using template metaprogramming. This version (1.39) is for the classic toolchain for Win32 only. Use Boost 1.70 for the modern Win32 and Win64 Clang-enhanced platforms.

26 May 2020