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Trial - EhLib
Trial - EhLib 11.0
by EhLib Team in Trial for Delphi

EhLib is a Delphi and C++Builder library of visual and non-visual components. Most advanced component is DBGridEh, component to operate tabular data in DataSet. Library includes more than 30 components in total.

7 Apr 2023

Estagiário Eletrônico
Estagiário Eletrônico 1.0
by Conect Solutions in IDE Plugins for RAD Studio

Item de Menu com várias opções de ajuda ao programador.

4 Apr 2023

Skia4Delphi 5.0.0
by Project Skia4Delphi in Libraries for Delphi

Cross-platform 2D graphics API based on Google's Skia Graphics Library. It provides a comprehensive 2D API that can be used across mobile, server and desktop models to render images.

21 Mar 2023
MIT license

Trial - Gantt Control
Trial - Gantt Control 3.0
by Weise Software GmbH in Components for RAD Studio

A wide range of tasks and activities can be planned and displayed using the GANTT CONTROL 3.0 VCL component. This component is aimed at software developers wanting to expand their software to include a flexible, interactive and innovative Gantt chart.

20 Mar 2023
Time limited Trial (discouraged)

Gorilla3D Developer Edition
Gorilla3D Developer Edition
by Gorilla Software in Components for RAD Studio

Delphi FireMonkey addon for building 3D games or multimedia applications for Windows and Android. The package provides many useful components like different material types, model animation, skybox, terrain, volume and fog rendering, assets and prefab management, input controller, thirdperson/firstperson controller, render passes, Q3 Physics component, dialogue, inventory and skill components and many supported formats: DAE, glTF, FBX, STL, OBJ, SKP, etc.

18 Mar 2023

Trial - Deleaker
Trial - Deleaker 2023.3
by Softanics in Trial for RAD Studio

An extension to find memory leaks, GDI and handles leaks.

8 Mar 2023

SVGIconImageList VCL & FMX
SVGIconImageList VCL & FMX 3.9.6
by Ethea S.r.l. in Components for Delphi

Four advanced components to simplify use of SVG images and SVG icons into ImageList: TSVGIconImage, TSVGIconImageCollection, TSVGIconVirtualImageList, TSVGIconImageList (for VCL and FMX). Choose the preferred engine to render SVG (Delphi Image32, Delphi TSVG, Direct2D or Cairo).

7 Mar 2023
Apache License 2.0

IconFontsImageList VCL & FMX
IconFontsImageList VCL & FMX 3.3.0
by Ethea S.r.l. in Components for Delphi

Components to simplify use of "Icon fonts": resize, color, opacity and more... with full support for High-DPI apps. Rendering optimized with GDI+.

7 Mar 2023
Apache License 2.0

Trial - X-DBData Components
Trial - X-DBData Components 3.0
by X-Files Software in Trial for RAD Studio

X-DBData Components package was designed to can directly use any indexed data structures with db-aware data components, especially with our TXDBGrid component.

6 Mar 2023
Shareware license

Trial - X-Files Components
Trial - X-Files Components 8.0
by X-Files Software in Trial for RAD Studio

X-Files Components package contains a full set of our advanced visual components designed for Embarcadero RAD Studio developers.

6 Mar 2023
Shareware license