ChatGPTWizard 3.1
by Ali Dehbansiahkarbon in IDE Plugins for RAD Studio

A ChatGPT, WriteSonic, YouChat, and Ollama(offline GPT-like server) plug-in for Embarcadero RAD Studio IDE 10.1 and later versions.

19 Apr 2024
MIT license

Card View Wizard
Card View Wizard 1.0
by Embarcadero Technologies in Sample Projects for Delphi

The Card View Wizard Template is a FireMonkey layout template that incorporates a number of card view pages that can be navigated forward and backward through as one would use when building an in-app tutorial.

30 Jan 2024
Embarcadero Software License

Code4D-Wizard 1.17.0
by Code4Delphi in IDE Plugins for Delphi

Code4D-Wizard is a wizard/plugin designed to be used in the Delphi IDE. It adds to the Delphi IDE several features and functionality to improve development efficiency, speed and productivity. This Wizard was developed using OTA (Open Tools API).

12 Jan 2024
MIT license

Delphi Code Coverage Wizard Plus
Delphi Code Coverage Wizard Plus 2.1.1
by Team Delphi Code Coverage in Libraries for Delphi

A graphical wizard to generate everything needed to run code coverage analysis of your DUnit/DUnitX unit tests (means: check if those execute all of your code lines). It includes the tool to run the coverage analysis.

5 Jan 2024
MPL 1.1