Trial - TRichView FMX
Trial - TRichView FMX 22.4
by Sergey Tkachenko in Trial for RAD Studio

Advanced rich text editing components for FireMonkey (Windows, macOS, Android and Linux). FMXLinux 1.73 package is required for Linux platform. In Delphi Community Edition, the setup installs only core packages. Additional packages can be installed manually.

19 Jul 2024

ICS for FMX and VCL for Delphi
ICS for FMX and VCL for Delphi 9.2
by Overbyte in Components for Delphi

ICS is a Delphi library composed of many internet components supporting all major protocols and applications. All components are event driven and non-blocking, with blocking versions for simpler applications. ICS includes OpenSSL versions 3.0.14. 3.2.2 and 3.3.1, for Win32 and Win64, as resource files that will conditionally link into applications.

18 Jun 2024
Copyrighted freeware

FMXLinux 1.78
by Embarcadero Technologies in Components for RAD Studio

Full features FireMonkey implementation for Linux Platform.

11 Jun 2024
Embarcadero Software License

VRCalc++ OOSL and more ...
VRCalc++ OOSL and more ... 2.4
by Vincent Radio {Adrix.NT} in Libraries for RAD Studio

VRCalc++ Object Oriented Scripting Language

23 May 2024

Delphi4Python Exporter
Delphi4Python Exporter 1.2.1
by Delphi4PythonExporter in IDE Plugins for Delphi

Design your Python GUI using Delphi's VCL and FMX designers and then export them for Python use.

15 May 2024
MIT License

IconFontsImageList VCL and FMX
IconFontsImageList VCL and FMX 3.3.2
by Ethea S.r.l. in Components for Delphi

Components to simplify use of "Icon fonts": resize, color, opacity and more... with full support for High-DPI apps. Rendering optimized with GDI+.

10 May 2024
Apache License 2.0

SVGIconImageList VCL and FMX
SVGIconImageList VCL and FMX 4.1.3
by Ethea S.r.l. in Components for Delphi

Four advanced components to simplify use of SVG images and SVG icons into ImageList: TSVGIconImage, TSVGIconImageCollection, TSVGIconVirtualImageList, TSVGIconImageList (for VCL and FMX). Choose the preferred engine to render SVG (Delphi Image32, Delphi TSVG, SKIA4Delphi, Direct2D).

8 May 2024
Apache License 2.0

Gorilla3D Developer Edition
Gorilla3D Developer Edition
by Gorilla Software in Components for RAD Studio

Delphi FireMonkey addon for building 3D games or multimedia applications for Windows and Android. The package provides many useful components like different material types, model animation, skybox, terrain, volume and fog rendering, assets and prefab management, input controller, thirdperson/firstperson controller, render passes, Q3 Physics component, dialogue, inventory and skill components and many supported formats: DAE, glTF, FBX, STL, OBJ, SKP, etc.

6 May 2024

Trial - TMS FNC UI Pack
Trial - TMS FNC UI Pack
by bvba in Components for RAD Studio

Use one UI control set to master application development in VCL, FMX and LCL. Includes grid, planner, treeview, richeditor, toolbar,…

25 Apr 2024

LockBox VCL and FMX
LockBox VCL and FMX 2024.02
by TurboPack in Components for Delphi

LockBox is a Delphi and C++Builder library for cryptography. Supported on platforms: Win32, Win64, Android, OS X.

19 Apr 2024
Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1)