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ICS for VCL for Delphi
ICS for VCL for Delphi 9.1
by Overbyte in Components for Delphi

ICS is a Delphi library composed of many internet components supporting all major protocols and applications. All components are event driven and non-blocking, with blocking versions for simpler applications. ICS includes OpenSSL versions 3.0.13. 3.1.5 and 3.2.1, for Win32 and Win64, as resource files that will conditionally link into applications.

15 Mar 2024
Copyrighted freeware

GLibWMI Component Library
GLibWMI Component Library 3.2
by Germán Estévez in Components for Delphi

GLibWMI is a Delphi library of components, focused on the Administration of Windows Systems. They are based on Windows WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation).

7 Mar 2024
Apache License 2.0

RDGoogleAI 1.10
by Ralph Dietrich in Components for Delphi

GoogleAI API as a Delphi component - simply dropped onto a form. Event based, asynchronous. All you need is an own API key from here:

6 Mar 2024
Open source

Mitov Runtime Library
Mitov Runtime Library
by Mitov Software in Libraries for RAD Studio

Advanced runtime Delphi library - RTTI, Threading, JSON, List and Dictionary Containers, Elements, Multicast events, Thread safe Components framework, Design time API, Automatic Class Management, OpenCL, Reflection, and more.

25 Feb 2024

QuickLib 2.2
by Exilon Soft in Libraries for Delphi

QuickLib expands language functionality with lots of improved and quick to implement functions like AutoMapper, MemoryCache, IOC Dependency Injection, Scheduled and Background tasks with retry and fail control, Json/Yaml/Registry config, Serializers, Benchmarking and more. Delphi/Firemonkey (Windows/Linux/iOS/OSX/Android).

23 Feb 2024
Apache 2.0

QuickCore 1.1
by Exilon Soft in Libraries for Delphi

Delphi Framework to build high-performance and scalable desktop, mobile and web applications easily like dotnet core, LinQ, ORM, cache, webserver, etc.

23 Feb 2024
Apache 2.0

QuickLogger 1.45
by Exilon Soft in Libraries for Delphi

QuickLogger is a Delphi/Firemonkey (Windows/Linux/OSX/IOS/Android) library for logging on files, console, memory, email, rest, eventlog, syslog, slack, telegram, redis, logstash, elasticsearch, influxdb, graylog, ide debug messages and throw events.

23 Feb 2024
Apache 2.0

Windows API from WinMD
Windows API from WinMD 1.0
by Embarcadero Technologies in Libraries for Delphi

Delphi header files for the latest Windows API imported from Microsoft WinMD metadata, for Win32 and Win64

9 Feb 2024
Embarcadero EULA

RDOpenAI 1.6
by Ralph Dietrich in Components for Delphi

Delphi component for ChatGPT, event based, asynchronous.

8 Feb 2024
MIT License

REST Demo (Delphi)
REST Demo (Delphi) 1.0
by Embarcadero Technologies in Introductory Samples for Delphi

This sample shows you how to integrate and use REST services in your application by using a popular surf spot finder API in a FireMonkey multi-device application. Surf locations are shown on a map, and locations can be saved to a favorites list.

30 Jan 2024
Embarcadero Software License