OpenWire based Visual Live Binding
OpenWire based Visual Live Binding
by Mitov Software in Libraries for RAD Studio

Easy to use OpenWire based Visual Live Data Binding library with powerful graphical programming editor.

4 Jul 2024

NexusDB Embedded Free
NexusDB Embedded Free 4.7508
by NexusDB Pty Ltd in Components for Delphi

NexusDB is a 100% Delphi Database. The Embedded Free version is a single user database that compiles into your exe with no additional libraries needed, supports advanced SQL 2003, encryption, in-memory tables, transactions, referential integrity, full text index search. NexusDB is highly customizable to fit your database needs. TnxTable and TnxQuery components are available for high speed data access and advanced queries, method and property compatible with TTable/TQuery for easy updating of your old projects.

9 May 2024
NexusDB Embedded Free License

Trial - X-DBGrid Component
Trial - X-DBGrid Component 8.2
by X-Files Software in Trial for RAD Studio

X-DBGrid Component package contains a set of fundamental components designed for database developers.

19 Apr 2024
Shareware license

QuickCore 1.1
by Exilon Soft in Libraries for Delphi

Delphi Framework to build high-performance and scalable desktop, mobile and web applications easily like dotnet core, LinQ, ORM, cache, webserver, etc.

23 Feb 2024
Apache 2.0

FB4D: Open-Source Cross-Platform Library for Firebase
FB4D: Open-Source Cross-Platform Library for Firebase 1.6
by Schneider Infosystems Ltd. in Libraries for RAD Studio

The Google Firebase Cloud Database is used in many mobile and web applications worldwide and there are well-documented libraries for many languages and platforms. For Delphi, the cross-platform library FB4D supports the Firebase Realtime Database, the Firestore Database, the Firebase Storage (for file storage), and Firebase Functions (for calling server functions). For authentication, FB4D currently supports email/password authentication and anonymous login. The library builds on the Firebase REST-API and provides all functionality with synchronous and asynchronous methods for the usage within GUI application, services, and background threads. Both frameworks VCL and Firemonkey are supported. The library is a pure source code library and relies on class interfaces.

8 Dec 2023
Apache License 2.0

by Ali Dehbansiahkarbon in Libraries for Delphi

EasyDbMigrator is a database migration library designed for Delphi.

21 Nov 2023
MIT license