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JEDI Code Library
JEDI Code Library 3.4
by Project JEDI in Libraries for RAD Studio

The JEDI Code Library (JCL) consists of a set of thoroughly tested and fully documented utility functions and non-visual classes which can be instantly reused in your Delphi and C++ Builder projects.

22 Jun 2020
Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1)

Trial - TMS PassKit
Trial - TMS PassKit
by bvba in Trial for RAD Studio

Generate PassKit discount coupons, event tickets, store cards, travel tickets for iOS PassKit wallet from Delphi or C++Builder.

18 Jun 2020

Trial - TMS Logging
Trial - TMS Logging 2.1
by bvba in Trial for RAD Studio

Compact cross-platform logging framework offering informative log output to a flexible number of targets with a minimum amount of code.

17 Jun 2020

Navigator 1.6.1
by Embarcadero Technologies in IDE Plugins for RAD Studio

Your code at your fingertips. Ever wanted to jump to the uses clause, to a class’s constructor, to a property definition? Navigator lets you move between any section of code quickly, easily, and without your fingers leaving the keyboard. There’s also a minimap – a miniature version of your code, showing the structure and letting you scroll just like a scrollbar. This plugin used to be Parnassus Navigator.

17 Jun 2020
Embarcadero Software License

Trial - Soluling localization tool
Trial - Soluling localization tool 1.0
by Soluling LLC in Trial for RAD Studio

Soluling is a localization tool that you can use to localize VCL and FireMonkey applications plus 100 other file formats. Supports machine translation, translation memory and terminology. Includes code to make your application multilingual with runtime language switch.

1 May 2020