Code4D-Wizard 1.17.0
by Code4Delphi in IDE Plugins for Delphi

Code4D-Wizard is a wizard/plugin designed to be used in the Delphi IDE. It adds to the Delphi IDE several features and functionality to improve development efficiency, speed and productivity. This Wizard was developed using OTA (Open Tools API).

12 Jan 2024
MIT license

ProDelphi 64-bit & 32-bit. Lite version
ProDelphi 64-bit & 32-bit. Lite version 41.0
by Dipl. Inform. Helmuth J.H. Adolph in Tools for Delphi

Source code profiler for measuring runtime of 64 and 32 bit applications developed with Delphi. Bottlenecks are easily found with the help of a comfortable viewer.

16 Nov 2023

NexusDB Embedded Free
NexusDB Embedded Free 4.7501
by NexusDB Pty Ltd in Components for Delphi

NexusDB is a 100% Delphi Database. The Embedded Free version is a single user database that compiles into your exe with no additional libraries needed, supports advanced SQL 2003, encryption, in-memory tables, transactions, referential integrity, full text index search. NexusDB is highly customizable to fit your database needs. TnxTable and TnxQuery components are available for high speed data access and advanced queries, method and property compatible with TTable/TQuery for easy updating of your old projects.

14 Nov 2023
NexusDB Embedded Free License