Delphi Code Coverage Wizard Plus
Delphi Code Coverage Wizard Plus 2.1.1
by Team Delphi Code Coverage in Libraries for Delphi

A graphical wizard to generate everything needed to run code coverage analysis of your DUnit/DUnitX unit tests (means: check if those execute all of your code lines). It includes the tool to run the coverage analysis.

5 Jan 2024
MPL 1.1

Trial - The Delphi Parser - Code Analysis Wizard
Trial - The Delphi Parser - Code Analysis Wizard 2.4
by The Delphi Parser in Trial for Delphi

Analyse your Delphi code base and get a deep Insight of your code usage and library dependencies. The Delphi Parser analyser is an automatic code analysing wizard. It scans and analyse an entire code base against all available Delphi’s system units, 3rd party components, libraries and the code base own units.

26 May 2022
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SDL Component Suite. Light Edition
SDL Component Suite. Light Edition 10.7
by Epina GmbH in Components for RAD Studio

The SDL Component Suite is an industry leading collection of components supporting scientific and engineering computing. The entire suite consists of about 50 units covering a wide range of requirements in science and engineering. The component suite is available both for Delphi and for C++Builder.

17 Nov 2020

Trial - ImageEn
Trial - ImageEn 9.2.0
by Xequte Software in Trial for RAD Studio

ImageEn is the most powerful native image library available for Delphi and C++ Builder, and also available for .NET. The library includes a complete suite of components to handle all aspects of image and editing, analysis and display. Join thousands of other developers who rely on ImageEn to add professional multimedia functionality to their software.

29 Sep 2020